Evan Watson

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Evan Watson, the son of a Desert Storm Veteran and a school teacher, was born abroad in Heidelberg, Germany, but has spent most of his life in Louisville - the only city he calls home. Evan graduated from the University of Louisville in 2010 with a Bachelors of Science in Sociology, but after years of self-exploration he has ended up utilizing his artistic attributes as a Barber.

A graduate of Tri-City Barber College, Evan has his sights set on greatness. A talented Barber with a particular focus in razor work, he feels most comfortable using his personality to relate to others. “Real knowledge comes from two things, travel and good conversation,” is a quote he has lived by for years.

Evans goal is to make sure his customers are well taken-care-of and happy with the final product. “My work is a direct reflection on me and my pride in my trade. I wouldn't let a customer leave with a haircut or beard design that I wouldn't wear myself!”

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