Dakota Boblett never really knew what he wanted to do for a living. He simply knew he wanted to do something he enjoyed and valued. “I’ve only had two other jobs.” Dakota said. “My first job was at Keystone Cinemas, and the other was at a gym I used to go to during high school.” Dakota did attend community college after high school, but could never decide on a career path while there.

“I always enjoyed going to my local barber shop in Bardstown.” Dakota said. “Everyone who worked there seemed like they were having a good time while they worked. I saw that and thought that would be a pretty great job to have.” He then decided to enrolled into Tri-City Barber College.

Dakota believes that presentation and the way people carry themselves says a lot about who they are. He sees being a barber as a way to help people do just that. “To provide a service that makes people feel more confident in the way they look and present themselves to the world is truly gratifying.”