About Beards and Beers

Experience a haircut the way it should be; in a space created specifically for you to relax and socialize while our professionally licensed team provides you with a precision cut, an indulgent straight razor shave, and one of our craft beers. Beards and Beers is an old school barbershop steeped in tradition, but modernized for today’s man.

Ensuring that clients receive quality haircuts and exceptional customer service is a priority for the barbers at the shop. In addition to keeping their products local to support Louisville’s economy, the team at Beards and Beers has partnered with local craft breweries to provide you with a unique and redefined barbershop experience.

The Logo

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The Team

Melissa Gray

Master Barber
Specializes in men's grooming

Master Barber-Stylist Melissa Gray has specialzied in men's grooming as a Master Barber for 12 years and is known for her passion in providing precision haircuts and an amazing grooming experience. A 3rd generation Master Barber, Melissa is an alum of the Tri-City Barber College where she studied under Steve Kennedy and Probus. After graduating, she completed her apprenticeship under her father, Willie Gray, Jr. It was the afternoons spent in her father's barber shop, "The Razor's Edge," that inspired Melissa to pick up the shears and razor.

Melissa's focus to detail leaves her clients satisfied. Whether it's a trendy men's haircut, a relaxing tonic scalp massage, a traditional straight razor shave, or the newest men's hair style, she creates an amazing barbering experience for any client in her chair." Although my professiona focus has always been men's cuts, "I'm well versed in women's hair as well."

With the opening of Beards and Beers, Melissa is excited to provide masterful service in an environment focused on professionalism and integrity.



Mike Hack

Specializes in men's grooming

Mike Hack bought his first set of clippers at 16 so he could cut his own hair, but it wasn’t long before friends were asking for cuts as well. The son of a pipefitter, Mike never considered cutting hair as a career until a couple friends encouraged him to look into it. After a lot of thought he decided to enroll at Roy's of Louisville Cosmetology School.

As of this year Mike has been cutting both men’s and women’s hair for 16 years. Initially color was his passion, but as he continued to gain experience Mike began to enjoy short women’s and men’s cuts. That’s when he became fascinated with barbering and the culture. “I also wanted to learn a classic barber skill – the straight razor shave,” he recalls.

Upon graduating TriCity Barber College in 2016, where he studied under Steve Kennedy, Mike joined the Beards and Beers team. Inspired by a quote he once read, “We are all apprentices in a craft where no one becomes a master,” Mike has made it his mission to do everything he can to continue to grow as a barber and provide the best service he can to his clients.


Catherine Gray

Specializes in men's grooming

Fourth generation barber Catherine Gray is an alum of the Tri-City Barber College where she studied under Steve Kennedy just as her mother before her. After graduating in 2016, she joined the team at Beards and Beers.

Catherine's love for her grandfather's barbershop, "The Razor's Edge," the atmosphere, and the craft lead her to pursue a career as a barber. "My papaw Billy gave me my first hair-cut at his shop," she recalled. "We'd always go up to the barbershop to see him, and I remember eating peanuts and drinking coke while I watched him cut hair."

"I love getting to meet all the different people and doing hair is fun and exciting," she notes. "It's in my blood," Catherine said of joining her great grandfather, grandfather, mother, and aunt behind the barber's chair.


Nicky Carter

Specializes in men's grooming

Nicky Carter is a barber who specializes in men’s grooming, including straight razor shaves, and short cuts for women. Nicky graduated from Tri-City Barber College, under the direction of Steve Kennedy, and completed her probationary period under the tutelage of Roy Jay White.

While barbering is her second career, it is, in many, ways related to her previous work as a licensed clinical social worker. She worked in this capacity in healthcare administration for over 20 years.

Nicky is committed to honing her craft as a barber. She is inspired and nourished by the daily opportunities barbering offers her to help others take care of themselves.

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